Huion Kamvas Pro


HUION KAMVAS PRO 12 11.6 Inch Graphics Drawing Tablet with Anti-Glare Glass Battery-free Pen with Tilt Function 4 Express Keys & 1 Touch Bar with Adjustable Stand for Home Office & E-learning



4 customized shortcut keys can be set to different functions. With a function key, after each short press, you can switch the touch bar to 3 different functions like scaling the canvas, zooming the brush and scrolling up and down. Besides those, you can also bring up the OSD menu by a long press on the function key.

The HUION Kamvas Pro 12 is equipped with Huion’s latest battery-free pen PW507 and a new pen holder PH05 in doughnut shape with 10 extra pen nibs and a pen lifter inside of it. The hand holding part of the pen is covered with silicone sleeve, which could release your hand from pain and uncomfortable after long time creation.

8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, 266PPS report rate, 5080 LPI handwriting resolution, 120% sRGB color gamut, 10mm sensor height, 178°full viewing angles, 25ms response time and 14g initial activation force are all the highest configurations in the industry. You can make all your creations come alive on the Huion kamvas pro 12 just like drawing on real paper.

We have also outfitted a portable adjustable stand for every model. The stand adopts portable integrated folding design and could be adjusted to 6 most intuitional and comfortable visual angels,satisfying most of your needs for working.

The HUION Kamvas Pro 12 supports ±60 degrees pen tilt sensing in particular software that also support tilt sensing function such as Photoshop. No matter which hand you’re used to drawing with, it would imitate the brush tilting effect correctly and ensure the accuracy of each movement you make on the screen.